The Taco Bell-exclusive fountain soda Mountain Dew Baja Blast became so popular that PepsiCo began offering it in stores for folks to enjoy in bottle or can form, meaning that they didn’t need to sneak in empty 5-gallon water jugs into stores so they could have it whenever they wanted.

And if you ever wondered how to make the drink yourself, there’s a fast food enthusiast who says that they were able to recreate the Dew’s trademark lime flavoring by combining it with other popular beverages. 

TikTok user Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8) dished up the secret recipe in a recently viral video.

The video shows Jordan standing inside of a kitchen. There’s a tall glass filled with ice in front of him, and he begins to explain exactly how to make the drink. “Okay so you’re gonna use blue Powerade,” he says, pouring about half of a cup of Powerade into the glass.

Jordan continues, “Regular Mountain Dew, and then fill the rest with regular Sprite.” He pours in equal amounts of both of the sodas. “Now we’re gonna mix it. Okay, let’s see if it tastes like a Baja Blast.”

He dumps a straw into the cup, takes a sip, and then looks incredulously into the camera, grinning. He erupts in laughter and then takes another drag from the straw. “Oh yeah, that’s good,” he says. “Taco Bell no longer has a hold on me. I can make my own Baja Blast at home.

One commenter replied that there was a way for Jordan to improve upon his recipe—by utilizing other Pepsi products to keep the flavor profile more consistent. “You have to use Gatorade, Mtn Dew and starry/Sierra Mist. They are Pepsi brands.