Demonstrating on a white Volkswagen Golf R, the TikToker suggested starting with the tires, noting in his video that tire cleaner should not touch car paint. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to avoid that.

User @jdautodetailin has gone viral on TikTok after showing drivers how to clean up their vehicles without damaging them.

“What you do is spray it on the ground. As you can see, the tire cleaner is the green one and the pre-soak is the pink one,” he demonstrated, aiming the nozzle at the pavement.

After liberally dousing the car with pre-soak, @jdautodetailin introduced “the most controversial step” in the car washing process: The foaming brush.

“Get your foaming brush, twist it so it’s flat, and use the soap to rinse it out,” he told viewers. Simply put, you don’t know where the foaming brush has been.

Only use the foaming brush on the car’s wheels, he explained, scrubbing all four tires before rinsing the car down.

Splatter waxing is “arguably the best part” of washing one’s car, according to @jdautodetailin. Once he coated the car in bubblegum pink wax, he started another rinse.

Pulling a drying cloth from the trunk of the car, he announced that drying was the last step. After gently towel drying the roof of the car, he moved on to the rear windshield, advising viewers that drying their vehicles by hand was the safest practice in a self-serve car wash.

“Took me 10 minutes,” he calculated at the end of his TikTok. Viewers were skeptical of @jdautodetailin’s relaxed state as he washed his car. “When I use this machine it’s like a trolley dash,” @joethec joked.