“We really need everyone to come into the office at least twice a week to contribute to company culture.”

New York City-based TikToker Lo Hilton (@hilton.lo) posted a clip that’s launched a discussion about the “uselessness” of businesses forcing employees to come into mostly empty workplaces to do their jobs post-pandemic.

It appears that Lo is one of the few people to take that message to heart, as the company culture, according to what she uploaded on TikTok, is an empty, leased office space that no one is using.

TikTokers who saw Lo’s post expressed their ennui with being forced to go back into the office in the comments section.

“I literally sat under my desk and cried abt work yesterday bc I was the only one working on my entire floor,” a top comment read.

“Translation: we desparately need to justify why we’re locked into an overpriced 5yr office lease,” another user wrote.