An electrician found something truly shocking inside the walls of a client’s home: a Ouija board.

These are boards that are printed with letters, numbers, and other signs that people use to try and communicate with spirits.

The viral video, which was posted by TikToker @mbaer118, shows the apprentice electrician sitting on the ground next to a wall that had been torn open.

“Another day, another fishing into somebody’s wall,” he says as he reaches into the wall and grabs ahold of a board. “What is this?” he wonders.

The moment he flips it over and sees that it’s a Ouija board, he immediately says “nope” and puts it back. “Nope, back in the wall. Never to be seen,” he adds.

Commenters were on board with his decision. “THE ONLY CORRECT ANSWER,” one user wrote. “You did a good thing just now,” another wrote.