One of Disneyland’s popular attractions is the Sword in the Stone. A Disney guest thinks she knows the trick to successfully pulling the sword out of the stone.

The attraction is located in Fantasyland, right in front of King Arthur’s Carousel. It is inspired by the tale of King Arthur, who accidentally pulls the sword out of the stone and becomes king.

“That means somebody is going to pull it up, because they have to give you a certificate.”

“So, I saw a TikTok where if you see a cast member next to the sword in Disneyland,” Disney guest Krystina Tasker (@krystinatasker) says, pointing to two different cast members.

“So, there it is. Let’s try it,” she says. Her acquaintance places his water bottle on the ground, grips the sword, and pulls it to no avail. The content creator then tries, but she isn’t successful either.

Later that day, the duo return to the sword in the stone. But they, once again, aren’t successful in their attempts to pull the sword up.

“In WDW it’s a remote control. I used to love messing with people when I had the ‘special task’ as sword raiser lol,” one user wrote.

Alleged former Disney cast members also spilled the tea about the logistics behind how the sword is removed from the stone.