Melissa Simonson (@realmelissasimo) who makes content calling out the shady actions of food companies and as the Easter season draws to a close, she’s looking at the Cadbury mini-egg bars, which she notes is a “beloved product that people hoard.”

But on the Hersheyland website, the chocolate bar has an average two-star rating, which it has amassed from 245 separate reviews.

One person gave the bar a two-star rating. She said in her review, “I thought the bag I bought on Amazon had been chemically contaminated because they tasted so foul."

Another user dubbed the chocolate bar a one-star “disappointment,” Melissa noted that every single review had some variation of the following response from the company: 

“We will definitely take note of the information provided and will forward it along to the appropriate department. Thanks for sharing with us.”

All in all, Melissa seemed baffled by this conundrum, as she noted, “When you have a product that is so successful that you have diehard fans who will spend 200-400 more dollars in your season so they don’t run out, that is a winning product that you don’t mess with. So why keep breaking stuff that you are winning?”