Koko (@atasteofkoko) a seasoned food blogger and a friend went out to The Guest House, a well-reviewed new restaurant that Koko was looking forward to trying all week. But her experience took a turn.

Koko and her friend had an 8:15 pm reservation, were seated by 8:30 pm, and ordered almost right away.

Reader, by 11 pm, they still hadn’t gotten their entrees. That’s a whole two and a half hours waiting on their main dishes.

While the interior was stunning, with crystal chandeliers throughout, the music was so loud that she was screaming to talk to her friends who were sitting right next to her.

The menu was littered with grammatical errors and she considered the appetizers and sides to be overpriced.

She also calls out the $15 roasted onion that was listed as a side which her server confirmed was just an onion that was roasted, with no frills to it.

“It might have been the most amazing roasted onion I would have ever had in my entire life, but I would have no idea because our food never came,” Koko pointed out.

While they did get their appetizers (which Koko said were “OK”) after two hours and several people in the restaurant blowing off her questions about where their food was, the entrees never came.

Koko and her friends left, having only shared two appetizers. “I was so hangry by the time we got home,” Koko recounts. “… So I don’t know about it being Austin’s newest destination for elevated New American dishes if they never come.”

“A $15 onion is CRAZY,” the top comment read. “Maybe I’m just old or uncool or both but if I wanted to go to a club I’d be in the club not a restaurant,” a person said.