The video, posted by TikTok user Hannah (@electic.angel), starts with a large red ball beginning to roll away from the Target entrance.

After the ball rolls through the crosswalk and lightly bounces off a curb, a Target employee pushing a cart comes into view.

The camera then pans to two silver cars, an SUV and a sedan, driving away from the ball. The TikToker implies that the driver of the SUV dislodged the ball from its place by hitting it with their car.

In the comments section, many viewers cracked jokes about how the employee walked past the situation. “The worker legit looked then looked away so fast like nope nope nope NOT today,” one viewer joked. “Worker said ‘uhhh I definitely did not seeeeeee that, I did not see thatttt.’ As he’s turning his head the other way,” a second quipped.