TikTok user @hunterkiotv posted the video of the suspicious bananas “So my mother was showing me that she opened the banana, that she thinks these are not real bananas,” he says in the video.

In the video, @hunterkiotv’s mom peels the fruit, which appears at face value to be just like any other banana. 

“But when she opens it, and she breaks it in half, it gets very tough and doesn’t really break,” he explains. “And when it pulls, it’s, like, it’s glue. It’s very tight and doughy.”

“I’ve never, ever seen a banana like that. I don’t know if it’s just our banana, or if it’s this brand from Costco.

But at the end of the day, it looks very, very fake and Play-Doh-y. Does anybody know what happened?” he asks.

Some users blamed genetic modification for the phenomenon. One user wrote, “Genetically modified plantain and banana mix.Lab fruit.”