Oysters aren’t an entry-level food, even when they’re cooked. Raw oysters are considered a delicacy, but slurping one down, even with lemon juice and tabasco accompaniments, isn’t for the faint of heart.

And one bit of information might make you put them on your “never trying” list. They might still be alive when you devour them.

That’s according to Joe DeCandia Jr., owner of Brooklyn-based Lenny’s Clam Bar. A recent TikTok, posted on June 6 features Joe passing on the surprising bit of information to his viewers.

In the video, Joe prepares some of his restaurant’s signature raw oyster dishes. A person off-camera asks him, “Is it true that when you eat oysters that they’re alive?”

Joe claims that it is a fact that raw oysters are alive when they come to your table. “Of course. When you open them up fresh they’re alive,” he states. “Most times you squeeze lemons on them you’ll see them [all] wiggle and move.”

The demonstration is enough to put some of the video’s viewers off their feed. “I’ve never ate oysters before & now that I know they’re still alive I’ll never try them,” Uldren Sov (@vegeta4659) wrote in the comments.