In a video with over 1.1 million views, TikTok user @_0nly_cars__ shows a car parked in the lot of a car dealership. “This guy just came and parked at our dealer to go eat food over here, so I’m going to put a ‘For Sale’ sign on it,” says the TikToker.

The car salesman does just that, opting to list the car at $499, generously reduced from $500. The TikToker then lies in wait to see what the driver will do upon returning to the car.

After the man has finished at the restaurant, he goes into his car, initially seeming to not notice the label. “He’s just driving away with it on there?” the TikToker asks.

After a minute, however, the man gets out and questions the price tag, eventually deciding to simply place the price tag on the window of the dealership. “We were closing up shop at Joe Ricci Auto and this guy came around,” explained the TikToker. “

The [restaurant] has a huuuuge parking lot, and normally people will come in and ask how to get there or if they can park, but this guy just pulled up and hopped out. So, I look[ed] at Andrew, our porter, and ask[ed] him what we should do…and then the video was made.”