A bowling alley worker and TikToker named Marissa (@mr.heitzmanbindery) delineated why bowling alleys have suddenly become such a pricey option for a night out and it boils down to two main factors: 

rising maintenance costs of traditional pinsetters and increases in employee wages.

She delves in how pinsetters have become such a costly proposition for alley owners:

“So the reason why is so more expensive now than what it used to be is because a lot of the older pin setters are anywhere from the ’50s, they were built in the ’50s all the way up into the ’80s.

That being said they are amazingly built and so that’s why they’ve lasted so long the problem is that the companies that build the parts to fix the pin setters are going out of business and then the ones that are making parts still are super freaking expensive.”

She goes on to say that both her and her husband work in a bowling alley and that they make a decent living doing so: 

“We have two bowling centers…under my company here in the town that I work in and we all make above minimum wage. And for that to happen we have to charge more for bowling so then we can afford to work here."

The TikToker caps off her video by stating that the aforementioned reasons are why bowling centers have become so much pricier in recent years, and there are other sources online that appear to back her claims.