Block2024: Why are people blocking celebrities on social media? Some are calling the trend the "digital guillotine."

While celebrities walked the Met Gala’s white-and-green carpet last Monday, Israel attacked Rafah, a Palestinian city in which millions of Gazans were sheltered.

Many compared “fashion’s big night out” to The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins’ dystopian series in which people in poorer areas watch as wealthy members of society attend lavish parties.

And others took things a step further: They decided to block celebrities that haven’t expressed support for Palestine on social media.

Since Oct. 7, 2023, over 34,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel’s military offensive against Hamas, a Palestinian military group.

The trend all started with TikToker Hayley Kalil , who posted a video dressed in what looked to be a Marie Antoinette-inspired outfit and lip synced a TikTok sound that said “let them eat cake.”

And Kalil’s video was considered insensitive, too. She has since deleted the video and apologized for it on TikTok.