In a viral TikTok which was viewed nearly 12 million times, user Katelyn (@Katelyn_boss2000) claimed that she and her fellow Airbnb guest spotted what they believe is a camera in a light fixture in their Florida rental.

In the video, Katelyn panned the camera over to show viewers the ceiling light fixture, which has a cylinder structure inside and what they believe might a camera.

“Hi, um, we think our Airbnb has hidden cameras, and I feel like I’m being watched, and I just do not feel safe in my Airbnb,” the guest that Katelyn is with says while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. The two then go outside the Airbnb to wait for the police officers to arrive after their call.

Katelyn filmed the officers examining the light fixture. One police officer stood on top of a chair and attempted to unscrew something in the light fixture, and another officer scanned the Airbnb rental with a flashlight.

Viewers overwhelmingly defended their decision in the comments section, saying they did the right thing and that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Airbnb itself even recommends contacting local authorities “if you or someone else feels threatened or unsafe.”