TikTok user Mr. Pete (@theresastoneinmyboot) showed that he was at the gas station, buying some gummy worms, when he noticed the card machine at the register was off. “There’s a credit card skimmer on this,” he told the cashier.

She didn’t seem to be aware, so Pete proceeded to wriggle the machine until the skimmer came right off.

Credit card skimmers are attachments illegally placed where you swipe or insert your card. Skimmers can be found at retail stores, the gas station, or even an ATM machine.

If, after reading this, you’re worried that you’ll encounter a skimmer in the wild, here are some things to look out for:

– The card reader feels loose – Your card doesn’t fit properly – The keypad on the machine feels off

“my local 7/11 has their decorated with rhinestones so they can’t snap on those skimmers lol,” the top comment read. “When I worked at a gas station we had to check each one at least once a shift, even the ones at all the gas pumps,” a person shared.