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Mila Kunis’ invite to the Marine Corps Ball sparks a YouTube phenomenon.

It’s a little-known fact that YouTube, Google’s giant video site, began life as a dating site. And now it’s getting back to its roots—if you want to date a celebrity, that is.

The dating phenomenon started when Sergeant Scott Moore posted a video in which the Marine asked actress Mila Kunis, known for parts in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and other movies, out to the Marine Corps Ball. (She said yes after Justin Timberlake told her to do it for her country, though it now seems she won’t be able to make it.)

Since then, people around the world have taken to asking Kunis and other celebrities out on dates via YouTube videos.

One of the more bizarre date requests comes from a prepubescent boy who goes by kylsilva  on YouTube. He asks for a date with Kunis and Sergeant Moore, and comments on the movie Friends with Benefits. (Where are his parents?) Closing his video, kylsilva said, “I’m not trying to be a perv here, but it would make my day.” Okay!

Stephen, who goes by skpstein on YouTube, invited Kunis to his mother’s birthday party. LostBoyFromKC also asked for a date with Kunis, saying “if it doesn’t work out with this guy [Moore], maybe you can go out with me next.”

Claire Solan, of Dublin’s 98FM, asks Ryan Reynolds  to come to Ireland for some “R & R,” saying “maybe we can plan our life—I mean, our first date together”. Not so encouraging for Reynolds: Solan ended her video with maniacal laughter.  

Adam and Leanne from Liverpool’s 107.6 FM both asked the celebrities they fancy out on dates on their YouTube channel, adamwjuiceFM. Leanne asked Phil Spector, the record producer currently serving a murder sentence, out on a date “because I find you non-threatening”. Adam asked the singer Sonia, a pop sensation from the ‘90s, for a date, saying “you seem like a lot of fun”.

Something tells me Sergeant Moore’s date request video with Kunis is a special case. But kudos to the folks trying.


Shortly after publication, a female marine named Kelsey De Santis asked Justin Timberlake to accompany her to the same Marine Corps ball as Sergeant Moore and Mila Kunis.



Marine Corps Ball of 2011, where every Marine has a celebrity date…

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