YouTuber reportedly shot and killed while filming prank video


A YouTuber apparently participating in a prank video for his channel was reportedly shot and killed while filming, the Pakistan Today newspaper reported.

Rana Zuhair—who was part of a trio who performed for the Lahori Vines YouTube channel—reportedly was taking part in a video where the YouTubers tried to scare people by acting like a ghost. The newspaper reported that Zuhair approached a family at the park with a white sheet over his head and was shot to death by a family member.

According to the channel description, Lahori Vines—which has about 2,800 subscribers and which was started in November— is meant to “entertain people of our society, by our talent and fun.”

Among the few videos that were uploaded included titles like “Teasing people prank,” “Disturbing people prank,” “Beggar prank with a twist,” and “Copying people prank.” Here’s one from Nov. 30 where Zuhair is pretending to be a panhandler when he asks a bystander to hold his bucket for him while he talks on the phone.

According to Pakistan Today, the other two members of Lahori Vines, Hasnat Ali and Abdul Saboor, have been arrested by police and taken into custody.

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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