Is this rap song worse than Rebecca Black’s “Friday”?


Imagine if the Beastie Boys were actually boys, raised on the Kidz Bop series.

The three little guys who make up the Stack Boys have an endless supply of snapback hats, adolescent swag for days, and a hook infectious enough to potentially cast them into YouTube stardom.

“Snapbacks” is an Ian Stacks production featuring clever, sometimes age-inappropriate lyricism and DIY visuals that have drawn comparisons to the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Imagine if the Beastie Boys were actually boys, raised on the Kidz Bop series.

It’s catchy rap in the same vein as Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” You’re not sure whether to plug your ears and run or stare at the screen in amazement. The video has accrued just over 1,500 views since going up on YouTube March 16.

Many of those who have commented on the video have been critical of the the group’s performance. Users have called the Stack Boys “fa**ots” and “white nerds trying to act all cool.” Some have even questioned why this song exists.

“[P]lay a sport,” suggested LittleDGT in a top YouTube comment.

But the song’s polarizing reception may be what makes it a hit, and the video already boasts one statistic that bodes well for its future: Its three-to-one ratio of dislikes to likes—290 to 108—is quite similar to the negative feedback that “Black’s “Friday” has received.

The official video for “Friday” has 571,149 dislikes and 136,945 likes. It has also been viewed over 27 million times.

If the Stack Boys can follow that method to success, they may just be able to afford a few fitted hats.

Kids these days.

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