YouTube right now! A worldwide tribute to K-pop group Super Junior

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When it comes to coordination, K-pop dancers aren’t the only ones with the moves. In a recent YouTube homage to the hugely popular Korean pop band Super Junior (affectionately nicknamed SuJu by fans), female K-pop fans coordinated worldwide to remind the all-male band that they’re “Sexy, Free, and Single.”

SuJu has long had a major international fan following, and fan tributes are nothing new. But there’s something uniquely adorable about this vid featuring fangirls from around the world holding up the photo book that comes from SuJu’s 6th album, Sexy, Free, and Single, while singing along to the title single.

The video announces itself as a tribute not only to the band, but to Hallyu, the Korean Wave—the spread of Korean pop culture to all parts of the world— which recently got a huge boost in America from viral video star PSY. Korean bands have already gained huge fan followings in other parts of the world, particularly Japan, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America.

“This song is dedicated to the world’s best idols—Super Junior, our boys, our angels,” the video begins. Clips of fans singing along to the song, “Sexy, Free, and Single,” mix with the song itself and footage of the band members for 8 minutes of fan tributes. The fans (most but not all of whom are teenage girls and young women) are members of a group called E.L.F., a SuJu fan club whose name is short for EverLasting Friends.

Ironically, until very recently, South Korean fans of the band were legally prevented from uploading or commenting on videos posted to YouTube, but that hasn’t stopped fans from around the world from boosting the vid to 30,000 views, or from declaring themselves loyal ELFS to the end. The footage is often blurry, the production quality isn’t the greatest, and the vocals aren’t perfectly melodic, but the point comes through clearly.

If you ever needed a reminder that it’s a small world, after all, there’s nothing like a catchy, adorable tune sung by fans from across the globe to help you remember.

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Aja Romano

Aja Romano

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