The YouTube video “JESUS CHRIST IN RICHMOND PARK”  has turned Fenton the dog into an instant meme, leading to Jesus sightings in Jurassic Park, Skyrim, and Jumanji

An energetic Labrador rounds up a group of deer and chases them across a busy road. The owner runs after the canine, screaming “Fenton! Fenton! Fenton!” and “Jesus Christ!”  

Comedic gold? You have no idea.

The original, 47-second video, titled “JESUS CHRIST IN RICHMOND PARK,” was uploaded onto YouTube on Nov. 13. Yesterday, social news site Reddit found the video, where it rocketed to the front page.  At time of publication, the video had roughly 400,000 views, almost all of which came within the last 24 hours.

In that short time frame, the video has been parodied more than a dozen times. “JESUS CHRIST IN JURASSIC PARK” also made it to the front page of Reddit.  

The parody features the screaming dialogue of Fenton’s owner, which has also been placed into other stampede scenes, like in Jumanji, My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic and The Lion King. The dialogue has even popped up in various video game footage, including Skyrim.  

Other YouTubers have taken to mashing up the video and dialogue with Benny Hill music and another viral video featuring a dreaming dog interwoven with the “Barbara Streisand” song by Duck Sauce.

Though incorrectly labeled, the dog even has its own Facebook page, BENTON the Dog.

The video’s popularity is a testament to just how quickly memes are created and disseminated across the social media spectrum.

Thus far, Fenton’s owner has yet to come forward to address his (and his dog’s) new-found popularity. But we have a pretty good idea of what his reaction might sound like.

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