YouTube celebrates the Supreme Court’s marriage-equality ruling

YouTube reacts to marriage equality

YouTube declares itself #ProudToLove in celebration of pride month.

When the historic Supreme Court ruling granting equal marriage rights nationwide came down, YouTubers, who’ve been using the platform to come out and to share their pride for years, had a lot to say online.

Following the ruling, YouTube’s Spotlight channel published a video celebrating LGBTQ+ YouTubers and videos that celebrate the fight for marriage equality.

Several of the platform’s, including Hannah Hart,  Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, Gigi Gorgeous, and Kingsley, were also quick to respond on social media with an outpouring of pride and support for the decision.

They also shared their pride.

Overall, emotions were high.


— Connor Franta (@ConnorFranta) June 26, 2015

Several YouTubers were also at the Supreme Court for the historic decision. YouTube’s marketing manager for LGBTQ+ creators Raymond Braun attended, along with Aaron and Austin Rhodes, twins who made headlines for coming out to their dad while filming a YouTube video. The trio posted a reaction video at the capitol.

Screengrab via YouTube Spotlight/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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