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In the latest interactive YouTube game from the Fine Brothers, help Don Draper get his swagger back and save his company. 

Counting down the hours until the highly anticipated premiere of Mad Men’s fifth season on Sunday? This should kill at least a few of those minutes.

Mad Men: The Game is the latest interactive game from Benny and Rafi Fine, better known as the Fine Brothers, the YouTube duo responsible for the popular “Kids React” series.

Much like the Brothers’ Saved By the Bell romp from last year, this 8-bit choose-your-own-adventure story pulls together more than 40 videos to create three distinct plot lines. Players must help Don Draper save his company by working on his confidence, pushing him towards new ideas, or helping him find some “inner peace.”

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of Mad Men: The Game are the cheap shots taken by the creators in the dialogue sequences. Don Draper remarks to his son in one scenario, “I don’t even recognize you. You’ve been played by three different actors.” In another, Roger Sterling comments, “I’m old and gray but get the hottest tale on the show.”

Since its upload on Wednesday, the game has seen more than 70,000 plays.

“This is one of the best things ever,” wrote razarsenal180 in a top comment.

“… now we just need a Community interactive game and I can die happy,” added senorrandom

Spoiler alert: If you don’t choose carefully, Betty Draper might just shoot her ex-husband with a shotgun.

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