YouTube searches for its next big educational video star

Educational videos have doubled their viewership on YouTube over the past year. Now the site is looking for some new faces to help them grow even further.

Mar 3, 2020, 2:39 am*


Michelle Jaworski 

Michelle Jaworski

YouTube announced Thursday that it will team up with Khan Academy, one of the pioneers of teaching on YouTube, for a contest to find the next generation of online educators.

“We believe that inspiring online educators can come from all walks of life, and we want to find the next generation of educational YouTube stars–people with a talent for explaining tough concepts in compelling ways, and the passion and drive to assemble a global classroom of students,” YouTube Education team member Angela Lin wrote.

YouTube has already proven itself a valuable learning tool, with millions of viewers watching educational channels such as Khan Academy, Numberphile, MinutePhysics and CrashCourse, according to Lin.

Aspiring YouTube stars can submit their videos using the Next EDU Guru application (as long as they’re educational and family-friendly) from now until Oct. 1 at 11:59pm PT. YouTube is specifically looking for creators capable of producing a full series of videos on a particular topic.

A panel consisting of the YouTube Education team and the Khan Academy will choose 10 Next EDU Gurus, and one will ultimately win the Khan Academy EDU Guru Prize.

The 10 YouTubers selected will each produce a series of 8 videos by January 2013, adding to the thousands of videos already part of the YouTube Education family, where the number of subscriptions more than doubled in the past year.

Many hope that they can have an impact on education, no matter where they are.

“The rise of online educational videos is giving learners access to the world’s greatest thinkers and teachers, leveling the playing field for all,” Lin said.

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*First Published: Sep 14, 2012, 3:25 pm