YouTube Guide: A hipster Thanksgiving

Hipsters were giving thanks before it was cool.

Mar 3, 2020, 12:28 am*


Michelle Jaworski 

Michelle Jaworski

With over 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it’s physically impossible to keep track of the content on YouTube. But in YouTube Guide, the Daily Dot will curate its five favorite finds for each workday.

1) HST Sketch Comedy, “Hipster Thanksgiving”

A hipster Thanksgiving is a lot less hectic than you’d think. Be sure to Instagram your food before you eat it, be wary of those “oppressive plates,” compare those vintage clothes you hate, and delete your Facebook as soon as you’re done reading this.

2) Krispy Kreme, “Christmas”

Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet and YouTube rapper Krispy Kreme already knows what he wants for Christmas. He might not have been a “good boy” but he still wants all the gifts on his list. Hint: Almost all of them involve wrestler John Cena.

3) Thecomputernerd01, “Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving Parody”

Nicole Westbrook seemed to have forgotten a few holidays in her viral song about turkey day, so YouTuber thecomputernerd01 has you covered in this parody. From Australia Day. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you gotta get down on Thursday.

4) basilbustersybil, “Santa gets stuck, becomes a decoration and gets a close shave”

Santa’s attempt to come down to the floor of this British mall goes awry when his beard gets stuck on the very cord he’s using to climb down, but not to fear. G.I. Joe is to rescue and gets him down in no time (minus one familiar trademark).

5) Matin Comedy, “Game of Thrones as a Seinfeld Sitcom”

With the aid of a laugh track and Seinfeld’s signature theme, HBO’s Game of Thrones is transformed into a sitcom where some scenes are unintentionally funny while Joffrey getting slapped is even better than before (if that’s possible).

Photo via HST Sketch Comedy/YouTube

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*First Published: Nov 22, 2012, 7:57 pm