“Homo Thugs” Kevin Barnett and Jermaine Fowler are back at it, mocking homophobic gangsta culture. Plus: Professional actors reading Yelp reviews!

With over 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it’s physically impossible to keep track of the content on YouTube. But in YouTube Guide, the Daily Dot will curate its five favorite finds for each workday.

1) Homo Thugs, “Tip Drill”

This month’s premiere episode of Homo Thugs earned widespread adoration for the way Kevin Barnett and Jermaine Fowler mocked homophobic culture and opened the floor to the possibility that a streetwise “thug” could also be gay. In the second installment of the series, the two New York City comedians take a look at what happens when your dream sequences start turning away from cash and cars and start paying attention to topless dudes working out on the chin up bar.

2) Joe Plummer, “Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews 2”

Friday’s premiere of this hopefully-regular series featuring professional actors reading unprofessional reviews was a huge hit, racking up over 90,000 views in the span of a weekend. In episode two, actress Therese Plummer (The Good Wife, Law & Order SVU) enthusiastically takes on the role of Yelper Nathan A, who happened to love Newport Beach, Calif., Indian shop Tamarind of London. Delectable!

3) The Gentlemen’s Rant, “Gun Regulation”

“If you asked the founding fathers if they would consider an assault rifle part of the 2nd Amendment, they’d probably say ‘Is ye out of ye f**king mind? What the f**k does ye need an automatic weapon for? Jesus.'” Thus begin’s The Gentlemen’s Rant’s wonderful rant on gun regulation and the need for new laws that will help make the United States safer. At least five legitimate laughers in this one, including that anagram joke at the end.

4) Hannah Hart, “Drinking Game”

Already run the course on potential Olympic drinking games you can play while you’re rummaging through badminton and the 100 meter hurdles? YouTube drunkard Hannah Hart (“My Drunk Kitchen”) has got you covered with ten great games that’ll get you Olympic-level drunk, starting with number one: Take a drink every time someone talks about Michael Phelps but he is neither present nor involved in the sport.

5) The Fun Club, “Back to School!”

Fun Club founder Ilana Cohn may be jumping the gun on back to school vids just a bit, but this rundown of the gifts a grandmother will give her grandson as he heads into his next collegiate year is absolutely spot on. Ugly sweaters, computer ink, a puppy-bound journal, “a whole bunch of stuff from Office Max”—something tells me I’ve got the same loot in the bottom of a box somewhere in my parents’ basement.

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“Homo Thugs” mocks hypocritical, homophobic gangstas
Comedians Jermaine Fowler and Kevin Barnett launch a Web series about "two in-the-closet homophobic gangsters who don't even know the things they say are gay."
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