“YouTube Complaints!” Stars speak out in parody video

 Could you imagine if there was actually a person who had to deal with every YouTube complaint? Jenna Marbles and the Gregory Brothers can. 


Chase Hoffberger


Published Jul 2, 2012   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 3:02 pm CDT

Welcome to YouTube, where there’s always people ready to complain about the video they just watched.

That comment’s racist. What’s up with that static view count? Why did you go with that ugly, ugly redesign? These trolls can’t even spell!

Who knows where all the gripes go? Could you imagine if there was actually a person who had to deal with each and every one?

That’s the premise behind “YouTube Complaints!,” a new Barely Political video that pits actress Laura McDonald in the complaint desk at YouTube Corporate HQ—a position that subjects her to every minuscule and minute detail that happens to nag the YouTube community.

Throughout the four-minute clip, such celebrated YouTube personalities as the Gregory Brothers, Lauren Francesca, Jenna Marbles, Andrea Feczko, Chescaleigh, and VSauce stop by to voice their opinions on all the things wrong with the video-sharing site.

Posted onto YouTube Saturday, the video has already accrued more than 750,000 views. Most of the viewers found it quite funny—YouTube analytics show that “YouTube Complaints!” has received 21,700 likes and only 452 dislikes—but others seem to have done their best to perpetuate the stereotype.

“That was some very mediocre four minutes,” YouTuber svgamevidsmk2 wrote.

“Only missing the YouTube video game commentator Mochary complaining about [God] knows what, and a bunch of 11-20 something year olds raging over ‘video gameplay’ cross platforming drama,” AAORoLLEmUp noted.

The resounding response, however, was that YouTube needs something like this: a place where YouTubers can go to complain and whine and nag on about anything that’s bothering them on the site.

“Seriously where can I actual complain about something?” Notoneboby wrote. “I have a serious issue that I need help with.”

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*First Published: Jul 2, 2012, 12:36 pm CDT