Brodie Smith

In this series of “Bro Tips,” the YouTube star breaks down the basics to help get you started playing Ultimate. 

YouTube star Brodie Smith may be best known for his trick shots, but the former Florida Gators player is equally interested in spreading the word on Ultimate.

For those of you that are ready to take the plunge and start playing with those guys you saw in the park, Smith has created a series of instructional videos to help get you prepare. Here are five of Brodie’s basic tips you should before before lacing up those cleats.

First things first: You can catch the disc, right? Reliably, every time the disc comes your way? Brodie explains the exact, proper mechanics.

Once that disc is in your hands, you’ll soon need to get rid of it. There are two throws—one for each side of your body—that are absolutely necessary,. Here’s the most basic throw, the backhand.

Any defender worth his YouTube views will exploit you as a rookie if you can only throw one way. Fortunately, Brodie has pretty good tips for a forehand (or flick, in Ultimate slang), too.

It’s a grind, but you’ll never be a good player if you can’t guard (or mark, in Ultimate lingo) a guy with the disc. Here’s a drill to hone that skill:

Finally, there’s only one way you’re going to truly impress your competition: being able to make that sick “layout.” That’s a term used to describe an action where players jump forward and extend out to make a catch. Here’s a step-by-step guide for proper form.


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