Meet Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend


This hilarious new Tumblr pairs rugged photos from the retailer’s online catalog with captions to make you swoon.  

What happens when you combine the state of Maine’s outlook on life (two of its slogans are “Vacationland” and “The way life should be”) and its fashion with the sentiment behind Ryan Gosling’s “Hey girl” meme?

Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend.

The single-serving Tumblr, created on Dec. 3, lifts images from the Freeport, Maine- headquartered outfitter’s online catalog depicting handsome and rugged men with a brief caption that show their sensitive and caring side.

“He will build you a table and then have sex with you on it,” the blog proclaims on its homepage. “Doesn’t get much hotter than that.”

The L.L. Bean Boyfriend wants to do fun activities with you—usually things that are Maine-specific, like placing your Adirondack chairs and a cooler filled with bottles from Maine Mead Works in the back of the Subaru Outback and driving down to Hadlock Field to catch a Portland Seadogs game.

What could be better?

The Tumblr is the creation of 23-year-old blogger Liz Pride. Despite living in the harsh city of Philadelphia, Pride still has an undying fondness for her home state.

“It’s pretty crazy that people are reading the things that I’m writing while I’m in my pajamas,” Pride told Bangor Daily News, which reported that the site has been shared more than 700 times on Facebook.

Given how well and how accurate Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend is written, that much is pretty clear.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled some of the better posts from the Tumblr below.

“Let’s go antiquing in Wiscasset this weekend,” James said. “There’s a great bed and breakfast I know we can stay in too.”

As we finished eating breakfast on the porch, Marty grabbed my hand and said, “Why don’t we take the sea kayaks out today? It’s so warm and the ocean is so calm, I think that would be a perfect morning.”

Gabriel put down his hammer. “What do you say we finish the fence tomorrow and head up to the Lobster Fest this afternoon?” he suggested.

Photos via Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend/Tumblr

Fidel Martinez

Fidel Martinez

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