Wikleaks Truck mechanic Doctor Adventure appears on Oddities

Doctor Adventure, one of the Wikileaks Truck care-takers, had his mainstream moment earlier this week, when he appeared on Discovery Channel’s reality TV show “Oddities.”

The Wikileaks truck, for those unfamiliar, has become the unofficial mascot for the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City. The truck, which has been used for shelter on cold nights, as well as to transport goods, is driven by artist Clark Stoeckley, and maintained by Doctor Adventure, who is the truck’s mechanic.

Doctor Adventure, who makes body armor and prosthetics, described himself as a “sculpture, performer, biotechnologist, and super hero” on the reality TV series, “Oddities.” He comes across as an East Coast steam-punky Jack Sparrow-type, making the segment fun to watch.  

Near the end of the clip Doctor Adventure also performs a circus act where he lays on a bed of nails while Stoeckley smashes flaming cinder blocks on his stomach.

Occupy Wall Street and Wikileaks Truck enthusiasts might be tickled to learn that the Doctor Adventure’s El Camino, featured in a shot, is the vehicle used to transport OWS laundry. (In an earlier interview with the Daily Dot, Wikileaks truck driver Stoeckley said he refuses to transport laundry in his truck. Looks like Doctor Adventure was saddled with that smelly problem.)

The Discovery Channel edited out all mentions of Occupy Wall Street, or the Wikileaks Truck, explained Stoeckley via private messages to the Daily Dot.

The duo has no hard feelings over the lack of OWS or Wikileaks Truck mentions, though.

“The show is about odd one of a kind collectibles… and it really was Doc’s moment,” wrote Stoeckley.  


Fruzsina Eördögh

Fruzsina Eördögh

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