Tracy McMillan’s popular Huffington Post rant first lead to a book deal and now is leading to a TV series.

When professional writer Tracy McMillan put her fingers to her keyboard last February and wrote a blog post schooling women about the many reasons they’re still not married, she presumably just wanted to help.

Now, that singular Huffington Post blog post, aptly titled, “Why You’re Not Married,” is being turned into a TV show.

In her tough-love diatribe, thrice-married author McMillan accuses the typical unwed American woman of being a “bitch,” a “slut,” “selfish,” “shallow,” and “not good enough.” The polarizing viewpoint netted 150,000 Facebook likes and prompted a bidding war for the publishing rights.

Random House/Ballantine secured the book deal and now ABC is turning the whole thing into a TV series. Developed by Dreamworks TV, the project, also called, “Why You’re Not Married,” is set to be “a brutally honest look at love.”

This is by no means McMillan’s first big hit. Her credits include Mad Men and United States of Tara. But she’s never had a blog post get this big. The daughter of a pimp and a prostitute, raised in the foster care system, McMillan’s upbringing gives her a unique outlook on love that clearly has publishers and television producers wanting more.

Now that a blog post is turning into a TV show and a Reddit comment is becoming a feature film, have your chances of earning fame on line increased?

The only way to find out is to upload that screenplay—or rant—and hit publish.

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