5 hilarious infomercial GIFs from Reddit’s hottest subreddit

A woman tries to pick up two pizzas with one hand, and drops them on the floor. What a mess! Children simply can’t pour milk into a glass—but who can, really, the way glasses are designed nowadays?

And why doesn’t this damn doorstop work as a bread-slicer?

If you have a problem that just can’t be solved through common sense or ordinary levels of coordination, there’s a good chance someone’s made an infomercial just for you.

That’s the concept behind r/wheredidthesodago, a subreddit, or Reddit forum, that’s gained more 14,000 subscribers in less than a day of existence. Its purpose is simple: members post animated GIFs of human beings rendered incapable of performing otherwise simple actions.

The subreddit was so popular Monday that for a short time four of its posts hit Reddit’s front page. The growth was so out of the ordinary, in fact, that some suggested it was a marketing scheme—a “forced meme” that used sock puppet accounts to artificially inflate Reddit’s vote tallies.

It’s not, however. You can trace the subreddit’s origin to a GIF posted to r/funny Monday, where a woman accidentally drops a tray of food and soda.

“I would subscribe to a subreddit created for taking infomercials out of context,” bootoonoo wrote.

Anyone on Reddit can create a subreddit, and Redditor biurb jumped to action. r/wheredidthesodago was born.

“I gotcha bro,” biurb replied with the link.

Within minutes, the subreddit had more than 650 active users and has been growing ever since. It’s  now the fastest growing subreddit on the site, according to Reddit data hub Stattit.com.

Check out the five top infomercial GIFs captivating redditors right now:

1) The GIF that gave the subreddit its name. (source)

2) Children are shocked by a soda can. (source)

3) Woman doesn’t understand how to use a cupboard. (source)

4) This man is working very hard at science. (source)

5) Hanging up the phone is hard to do. (source)

Image and GIFs via r/wheredidthesodago/Reddit

Lauren Rae Orsini

Lauren Rae Orsini

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