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Episode 5 of ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ is its best yet 

Episode 5 of the vampire comedy is perhaps the best episode of the series so far.


Audra Schroeder


Posted on Aug 11, 2022   Updated on Aug 12, 2022, 6:54 am CDT

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Last year, we called What We Do in the Shadows the best show on TV. In season 4, it has surpassed expectations while showcasing just how skilled its cast really is.

And it’s all because of “Private School.”

Episode 5 of the vampire comedy is perhaps the best episode of the series so far, and hinges on new(ish) character Baby Colin Robinson, the fast-aging “baby” born out of deceased energy vampire Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch).

I was a bit apprehensive about how they would continue his storyline after last season’s finale, but it feels like it’s very much realized in this episode, which mostly takes place in one room as the vampires repeatedly hypnotize the principal of a private school they’re trying to get Baby Colin into.

This episode was written by Ayo Edebiri (The Bear)and Shana Gohd, and the writing on the series is both efficient and edifying for a 30-minute show.

As the chaotic interviewtakes place, we also see Nandor’s (Kayvan Novak) incremental plastic surgery and get to savor every line Laszlo (Matt Berry) utters. And then there’s Baby Colin, who’s entering his YouTuber era.

Unlike other popular series in its fourth season, WWDITS always knows where it is and what it’s doing.

Why it matters

The series just picked up another Emmy nom for comedy series. But its cast—a driving force behind why the show clicks so well—has been snubbed. Which is odd, given the fandom that’s popped up around the characters.

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, showrunners Stefani Robinson and Paul Simms addressed the snubs, with Simms saying:

“People who are being more dramatic within comedic structures tend to get noticed more. I don’t want to sound like sour grapes. Maybe if there were a category for best ensemble, we’d get it.”

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*First Published: Aug 11, 2022, 6:00 am CDT