were not young

Are you bummed about turning 30? Is your misery in need of company? This song should help.

In your 30s and dissatisfied with life?

The Internet has a song for you, and no, it doesn’t make you feel better. But misery loves company, right?  

We’re Not Young,” a parody of Fun.’s “We Are Young,”  perfectly encapsulates the frustration of 30-somethings realizing they’re now … 30-somethings. It’s currently making the viral rounds, with 1.3 million views in less than 48 hours.

The song’s examples of 30-something melancholy include that one guy who’s still working as a waiter in that same restaurant and that other guy who’s so afraid of commitment he still hasn’t proposed to his girlfriend of eight years, among others.

“This, my fellow Gen-Xers, is our current anthem,” bladerunner556 wrote in a top comment on YouTube.

“We’re Not Young,” created by Yahoo Studios, is well on its way to being the most successful original web video the company has produced since launching in early March.  

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