And the award for “Best Pup-porting Actor” goes to …

If Nicolas Cage can win an Oscar, why can’t a dog win one, too?

Fans of Uggie, the adorable dog in The Artist, are campaigning for the dog to win using a Twitter account, @Uggie_TheArtist. Supporters hope the nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier wins an award for “Best Pup-porting Actor.”

Uggie earned praise for his performance in the critically acclaimed silent movie The Artist for serving as the close confidant of an aging silent-movie star failing to adapt to the new world of “talkies” during the 1920s.

The dog has been featured in a glossy photo shoot in The Hollywood Reporter, is making talk show rounds, and is the inspiration of think pieces about animals’ impact on the Oscars.

Although @Uggie_TheArtist has only 1,200 followers, fans on the “Consider Uggie” Facebook page are more active; 3,500 people like it.

Followers on both accounts are leaving notes of adoration for the dog.

“Give Uggie an Oscar for his role in “The Artist”!, a fan tweeted and seems to be the theme of dog-obsessed tweeters.

Although Uggie probably won’t win any type of Oscar, we wonder what Wishbone has to say all of this? Probably one, loud “woof.”

Editor’s note: Any assertion, even the merest implication, that there is a dog better than Ramona the Love Terrier is viciously false and violates the Daily Dot’s rigorous editorial standards.

Jordan Valinsky

Jordan Valinsky

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