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Twitch ushers in the age of the fitness livestream

People are watching people work out, and it's turning into big business.


Published Sep 20, 2017   Updated May 22, 2021, 4:54 pm CDT


Following its expansion into non-gaming streams with the launch of an IRL content category last December—including vlogs, art, music, eating, and more —Twitch says that a budding crop of fitness streamers are on the rise.

“We have been seeing more and more fitness streamers on Twitch every day,” Brittany Brown, Twitch’s community programs manager, tells Tubefilter. “In addition, we have heard that many of the people creating this type of content were inspired based on watching other fitness streamers.”

In a new blog post, Twitch highlights three creators who are sharing their fitness journeys—and amassing substantial audiences in the process. Of course, fitness creators already abound on other social platforms, including YouTube luminaries Cassey Ho and The Buff Dudes.

Twitch creator RAWRsquared, for instance, combines gameplay with a daily cardio routine. He’s training for a marathon, and chronicling the journey on his channel. Additionally, an avid gamer and powerlifter named SyLoGum—who is ranked fifth in the world for her weight class—regularly posts streams showcasing her training regime. SyLoGum is  in the middle of an eight-week series in the lead-up to the International Powerlifting League (IPL) competition next month in Las Vegas.

Finally, TominationTime is a self-help guru in the health and nutrition space, who overcame chronic back pain. “I wish I had a place when I first started down my fitness journey where I could get basic questions answered,” he says of his talk show-structured weekly stream. “I would have saved a lot of time and energy if I knew back then what I know now.”

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*First Published: Sep 20, 2017, 5:00 am CDT