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Twitch bans Djarii for showing pirated Logan Paul-KSI stream—there’s just one problem

Djarii was in a fight of her own.


Josh Katzowitz


While about 800,000 people paid $10 to watch Logan Paul’s dissatisfying draw vs. KSI on YouTube, hundreds of thousands more viewed Saturday’s boxing match for free on Twitch.

With Twitch saying it was looking to crack down on those pirated streams, popular user Djarii got caught up in the maelstrom. On Saturday, Djarii said she was handed a 24-hour ban from Twitch because she had livestreamed KSI vs. Paul to her 300,000 subscribers.

The only problem: She wasn’t even watching the fight.

As she later noted, Djarii had played Fortnite and World of Warcraft all day Saturday and she hadn’t “looked at anything from the KSI Logan Paul crap.” She also wrote, “So, in a nutshell, my account has a 24 hour suspension for allegedly infringing on the copyrights of @OP_Talent KSI vs Logan Paul. I didn’t re-stream ANYTHING even slightly relating to this but the monkeys working for them DMCA’d my account anyway.”

Dexerto pointed out that without access to her account, she also potentially faced the burden of not having the ability to “fulfill [her] sponsorship requirements” because she was physically incapable of livestreaming her gaming play.

Soon after, though, Djarii’s account was restored after she filed a counterclaim against OP Talent Management, which was helping run the KSI-Paul fight at the Manchester Arena in England. OP Talent Management then apologized in a tweet.

Luckily for Djarii—who recently revealed a trove of skeevy messages from a fan who asked to be unblocked from her Twitch account—the issue is now resolved, and she can continue forward with her gaming career.

“What a day of feelings huh?” she wrote on Twitter. “Had heaps of fun playing FORTNITE and WORLD OF WARCRAFT all day, reached 300k followers and 25k concurrent viewers from Twitch front page and then some clowns manage to get your in good standing @Twitch account banned for something I didn’t do.”

Unlike the KSI-Paul bout, Djarii was the clear winner of her own fight.

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