A Tumblr blog celebrates life as it’s lived on the silver screen, however implausible.

As singer Katy Perry recently observed, real life hardly ever works out as it does on the silver screen.

Rarely are there fairytale endings, snappy dialogue, or, most sadly of all, John Cusack holding a boombox in the direction of your window to show his love for you. (Editor’s note: I’m right here, John.) But not all is bad: You can live a cinematic life vicariously in the Tumblr Live in a Movie.

The blogger behind it, who onlye reveals that she is a 20-year-old woman “in love” with the movies, intermixes scenes from teen favorites like Clueless and classics like Bringing Up Baby.

Don’t be confused when she occasionally posts quotes from television shows like Friends and Suits or vintage ads—fitting with the Tumblr service’s embrace of all forms of media, she’s an equal-opportunity fan of witty if unrealistic repartée.

If you are looking for a specific category, like “vintage advertising” or actor “Robert Downey Jr.,” just scroll to the bottom right and you’ll find specific posts about those. (Editor’s note: I’m right here, Robert.)

Life in a Movie has a Dot Score of 67, according to the Daily Dot’s exclusive ranking of Tumblr blogs. It’s the 74th most-liked blog on Tumblr—which is quite an accomplishment, considering that the service hosts more than 20 million of them.

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