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Time to update your LinkedIn profile. From the looks of it, BuzzFeed is still hiring. 

It seems everyday we read about another journalist decamping to BuzzFeed, and now we have a website to help us track it!

Appropriately titled Has BuzzFeed Hired Anyone New Today?, the Tumblr answers yes or “nah” depending on the outcome. (For Thursday, it looks like a nah, but there are still a few hours left.)

The Tumblr is simple, but it needs more LOL, OMG and WTF buttons.

BuzzFeed, which is beefing up its editorial output under the direction of serious journalist Ben Smith and Huffington Post cofounder Jonah Peretti, has been on a hiring spree lately. The meme-obsessed site has poached writers from Gawker, Rolling Stone, Popular Mechanics, and The Village Voice.

Peretti joked he made the Tumblr his new webpage. And Smith realizes his hires have been surprising many, as he wrote in a recent tweet: “Next @buzzfeed hire: The person behind @angiesrightleg.”

He just might be serious.

Photo by LaughingSquid

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