Each week, the Daily Dot examines a top tag that has captured Tumblr users’ imaginations. This week: the Democratic National Convention.

With more than 70 million blogs and more than 100,000 added each day, Tumblr is one of the most vibrant communities on the Web. In Top Tumblr Tag of the Week, we highlight the community’s best reaction GIFs, remixes, and memes.

What the Democratic National Convention lacked in speeches to empty chairs, it made up for in speeches to crazy passionate fans.

Between Bill Clinton’s showstopping speech, a rocking performance from the Foo Fighters, and an appearance by actress Scarlett Johansson, the DNC in Charlotte, North Carolina, dominated Tumblr this week in all content categories.

The convention was almost a picture-perfect affair if it weren’t for Vice President Joe Biden making some strange faces Thursday. Otherwise, this strange lack of gaffs allowed Tumblr users to focus in on the issues and whether they believed President Barack Obama’s promise to fight for the common man.

“I believe that Obama hasn’t been the change or hope that he promised four years ago. In fact, Washington has gotten more bitter and more deadlock. He, however, has had to sail this huge boat against rocky water with no winds at all,” blogged TheNewTerrain. “[W]hat new jobs can we produce over the next four years and beyond? These are economic questions that need to be answer by either candidates.”

Other Tumblr users were far more skeptical of Obama’s fact-filled speech Thursday night at the close of the DNC.

“Obama is ridiculously charismatic. I don’t want to hate the guy, but at this point it’s just so depressing to watch him charm voters by saying the right words and smiling at the right moment while in the office he’s fucking everything up,” Iradeh blogged.

These opinions, and plenty of hilarious GIFs and images, were shared on Tumblr using the “DNC” tag. We’ve highlighted some of the Tumblr community’s best convention-inspired creations below.

Photo by Adam Weinstein/Tumblr

Tumblr users GIF, Photoshop, and remix their way through the RNC
Every week, the Daily Dot examines a top tag that has captured Tumblr users' imaginations. This week: the RNC.
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