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Donald Trump Jr. wants you to know that his dad is still the president

Just in case you forgot.


Onaje McDowelle


Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram on Thursday with a meme to remind everyone that even though he’s at the center of an investigation into collusion with Russia, his dad is still the president.

“In case you needed an eye checkup #maga #hesyourpresident,” says the caption of the post, which shows a vision diagnostic chart reading, “He’s still your president lololol.” Since going up, the post has received over 44,000 likes.

The post flips the leftist “Nothing but respect for MY president” meme wherein someone claims anything or anyone besides President Donald Trump is their president. After one Twitter user went viral with a photo of herself cleaning Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame using the phrase, others used it for their own sarcasm. The social media movement #NotMyPresident serves as a hub for activism and mobility against Trump and his administration.

It’s certainly not the first time Trump Jr. has drawn attention to himself on Instagram. On Thursday, he published a photo that compared Trump and former President Barack Obama “by the numbers.” The photo included approval ratings, unemployment rates, and the number of jobs added for each administration. Trump’s approval rating sits at 50 percent while Obama’s is only 45 percent. Users on Twitter were quick to call out the photo, alleging that it was altered in Trump’s favor.

The posts come amid special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which is looking into allegations of collusion and Russian interference during the 2016 election. Trump Jr. could be accused of conspiracy for organizing a meeting at Trump Tower in June 2016 between Trump’s campaign advisers and Russians.

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