top gear blow up

When its Facebook page blew up, Top Gear stayed true to its promise and blew up a vehicle.

There are two things the guys on BBC’s Top Gear take seriously: Cars and their Facebook fan page.

About a week ago, the show promised to blow up a crummy old caravan if its Facebook page reached 10 million likes. And on Sunday they kept that promise and had The Stig, an anonymous race car driver on the show, blow it up after the shows fan page collected the 40,000 likes it needed to pass the mark.


The two-and-a-half minute video features The Stig drifting around the caravan in a sports car, then stopping to push the detonator as dramatic music builds up to the big explosion. Then of course, there are the requisite slow-motion instant replays of the big deed.

It was posted to Facebook Sunday where it has collected 11,500 likes and more than 800 comments.

“I think that the clean-up crew is going to be really pissed about this, if they didnt know about it before and quit,” commented Katie Johanson. “So happy for you guys, youve got the perfect show.”

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