Tim Gunn calls Kanye West’s fashion line ‘dumb’ and ‘basic’

tim gunn

Screengrab via Tim Gunn/Twitter

A fashion beef is brewing.

A fashion beef is brewing. 

Longtime Project Runway coach and style expert Tim Gunn had some choice words about Kanye West‘s Yeezy fashion line during an appearance on Access Hollywood this week.

As New York Fashion Week wraps up, Gunn shared a couple of his thoughts about West’s collaboration with Adidas. 

“I’m totally perplexed about why the fashion industry has not looked at these frankly dumb, basic clothes, and cried, ‘Hoax! Hoax!'” Gunn joked. “I mean, Kanye West is a sphynx without a riddle. I just don’t understand why people are so in awe.”

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“I think the only thing dumber than these clothes would be the people who would buy these clothes,” he continued.

While West hasn’t given any official response, he did tweet something about his creative process Wednesday morning:

Something tells us this story isn’t quite over yet.

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