In episode three, the tables turn on blogger Ryan, who completes tasks while his neighbors get it on. Here’s what he had to say. 

After three weeks of YouTube videos set to the soundtrack of his neighbors’ loud sex, blogger Ryan aka 95Camry4Life has managed to turn the tables.

This time, there was no exaggerated orgasmic shriek nor the sounds of the neighbors’ typical rush to the bathroom for a post-coital shower. Instead, the video ends with Ryan’s neighbors pounding on their shared wall in an effort for the YouTube prankster to clam it.

It’s the third and latest episode of Thin Wall Challenge, Ryan’s passive aggressive payback to his neighbors’ voluminous exploits.

“I decided to create a web show about it because I thought it would be a funny and unique concept that people might enjoy,,” he told the Daily Dot in a private message on YouTube. “My neighbors are so routine with their frisky time that I figured it would be easy to do.

Plus, he can’t get over the urge to share just how violent —and brief —each affair is.

It is pretty sad how short it lasts. The girlfriend sounds like she’s trying her best to have a good time, which translates into her over acting and being annoyingly loud. And yes they do hit the shower almost immediately after they are done.


In his newest video, Ryan attempts to knock down soda cans around his bedroom using what appears to be a rubber ball affixed to his head with pantyhose. His self-imposed punishment for failing to complete the challenge? Blasting some Marvin Gaye loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

Does he succeed? We’ll let you watch for yourself.

Ryan hasn’t always opted for the route of extreme passive aggression.

“I have tried on a number of occasions to pound on the wall to keep them quiet, both for their loud music and their loud sex, but they just never seem to get it,” he wrote. “They’ll quiet down for the remainder of the night, but the next time it’s back to normal.”

Ryan has gotten bolder and louder with each subsequent challenge. Is it only a matter of time before the neighbors find out about his channel? The 26-year-old told us that even if they do, he’s not sure they’d recognize him.

“I’ve never actually met the couple, and I’ve only passed by them a couple times coming to and from my apartment, so I’m not entirely sure they would recognize me if they saw the video,” he said. “It would be funny if they did! I’m really not sure how they would react.

“Maybe they would quiet down and I could get some sleep.”

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