Honest trailer for original ‘Jungle Book’ film reveals how thin the story was

jungle book honest trailer

Screengrab via Screen Junkies/YouTube

It still has that one song, though, and that counts for something.

With the upcoming release of the live-action Jungle Book film, which has been praised by critics, Screen Junkies looked back at the original Disney movie and discovered that sometimes the movies you loved as kids aren’t as good as you remember—even Disney movies.

While it features many of the characters you grew up with, a look back reveals just how poorly it holds up. It has a thin plot, songs you barely remember, and more than one scene of recycled footage. And that’s if you can stay up long enough to see Mowgli leave the animals who raised him to follow a girl into the local village.

But as long as we have “Bear Necessities,” it’s not all bad, right?

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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