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Trevor Noah is fed up with Ted Cruz’s lies about climate change

It’s probably safe to say that there is little love between them.


Michelle Jaworski


Representatives from 195 countries approved a landmark agreement to address the growing issue of climate change, but at least one Republican presidential candidate wants to bring that agreement to a screeching halt.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is surging in the polls in Iowa, but it’s his climate-change hearing in the U.S. Senate that’s currently raising Trevor Noah’s eyebrows. Cruz not only denied that global warming exists, he manipulated the available data so that it supported his conclusions. On Monday night’s Daily Show, Noah, who already went after Cruz once before, demonstrated just how silly Cruz’s strategy would be in other situations.

“Ted Cruz is using a small piece of the truth to misrepresent the whole truth,” Noah said. “It’s like if somebody told you that Star Wars is a story all about kissing his sister. Now that did happen at a certain point in the movie, but that’s not the whole movie and it would be misleading to say that.”

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