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The DJ is still suing her mother, however.

The DJ who sued Taylor Swift does not have sufficient evidence to support his claims that her 2013 allegations against him cost him his job.

According to Vulture, U.S. District Judge William Martinez has thrown out David Mueller’s lawsuit against the singer, ruling that he didn’t have enough evidence to prove that Swift was responsible for him losing his radio job.

The development comes one day after Swift’s testimony regarding a 2013 fan meet-and-greet, during which she said Mueller groped her by grabbing “a handful of my ass.” Her confidence and unwillingness to stand down from pointed questioning from Mueller’s lawyer asking her to justify her actions after the meet-and-greet resonated widely with women across the internet.

Swift’s former bodyguard testified that he witnessed the alleged harassment, an act Mueller denies.

At the time of the alleged assault, Swift did not pursue legal action, but she presented evidence to Mueller’s radio station after the incident, according to People. The station then decided to fire him, and two years later, Mueller sued Swift for lost wages and damage to his reputation. She then filed a counter suit for sexual assault for a symbolic $1.

While Swift is no longer a part of Mueller’s suit, his claims against Swift’s mom Andrea and radio representative Frank Bell remain. Jurors will return Monday for closing arguments.

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