Feeling a little down that you don’t have major muscles and all the babes? What this YouTube commentary and you just might feel better.

The United States exports technology, fast food chains—and reality TV shows like “Jersey Shore.”

Ireland’s reality show following the Jersey Shore formula, titled “Tallafornia,” premiered Sunday night and pulled in half a million viewers, according to Irish Central. (Considering Ireland’s total population is 4.5 million, that’s about a 9th of the country.)
But a video of two Irish dudes providing commentary for the show, just might be even more popular (and fun). Titled “Tallafornia – Making The Rest Of Us Feel Better?,” the video by YouTube channel epicnewsdaily, currently sits on the front page of social news site Reddit.

“Tallafornia,” which features seven residents of the Dublin neighborhood Tallaght, describes Tallafornia as “the spread and influence of Western Dublin culture, esp. that of Tallaght, across the rest of the country.” The official “Tallafornia” website calls it a “way of life,” and the first episode gives the Irish commentating duo plenty to work with.

“Since people may be unaware. Tallaght isnt a place of any other significance other than being the most hilarious place to set this show. I’ve only been to Tallaght in a car, and I didn’t stop the car while I was there” wrote Gurphy in a top comment on Reddit.

Nard_Dawg raised the fact that Tallaght is a “dumping ground for cars” and “overturned shopping carts,” and misterraider called it a “fairly dodgy spot” and a place of “no consequence.”

The unnamed Irish commentators seem to agree with the Irish redditors, sarcastically saying in their video that Tallaght is a “cultural heartland.” Their witty commentary goes on to address gender stereotypes, and homophobia.

Sounds like Tallaght has a lot of  similarities with the Jersey Shore.

It’s unclear what kind of “way of life” Tallafornia is trying to promote, but at least the Internet is incredibly entertained.   

“This is hilarious and, if it must exist, the commentary makes the world a better place” writes AudioVideoDisco06  on the epicnewsdaily video.

Now if only Jersey Shore got their own wise-cracking commentators.

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