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Apparently, Snoop Dogg thinks Caitlyn Jenner is a ‘science project’

Snoop Dogg wants us to stop paying attention to transgender people and pay more attention to Akon.

Mar 1, 2020, 2:18 am*



Mary Emily O'Hara

Snoop Dogg posted a meme dissing Caitlyn Jenner on Instagram Wednesday, and the internet is outraged. The meme refers to Jenner as a “science project” and suggests that the public’s attention would be better focused elsewhere—specifically, on rapper Akon’s philanthropic efforts in Africa.

The same meme had also been posted by Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith on his “Team Swish” Instagram account, but was removed after intense public and media criticism.

Snoop Dogg and JR Smith were just two of the many people that posted transphobic comments about Jenner in the days following her transition reveal and name change. But many were surprised to hear a hateful remark coming from a weed-smoking, porn-filming, beloved entertainer known in part for his decadently long, manicured fingernails.

On Twitter, the reactions to Snoop Dogg’s shocking transphobia were virulent.

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As of this afternoon, Snoop had yet to remove the post or address it in a public statement.

Photo Via Jorund Foreland Pederson/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY SA 3.0)

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*First Published: Jun 4, 2015, 3:55 pm