20 horror movies on Shudder that will give you nightmares

Every major streaming service—Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu—offers horror, sci-fi, and suspense programming to some degree, but if you’re a lifelong fan of those genres, you’ll be craving for more. If you’re the type of person who watches scary movies not just around Halloween but all year long, the kind who feeds on obscure B-movies and revels in lost classics, you’re going to want to check out these Shudder movies. 

What is Shudder?

Shudder is a standalone streaming service that specializes in horror, sci-fi, suspense, and avant-garde cinema. While the major streaming services have great horror selections for new fans of the genre, often lifetime aficionados find their catalogs to be full of things they’ve already seen or, worse, just don’t care about. That’s what makes Shudder so special.

what is shudder : Day of the Dead Screengrab via Shudder

From movies you’ve only heard about in magazines to TV shows and special new releases exclusive to the service, Shudder has everything a fright fan needs to ruin a night’s sleep. Placing famous classics like Hellraiser alongside more obscure but important films like Dario Argento’s Inferno, Shudder functions as sort of a college level-course in horror.


How does Shudder work?

Shudder movies are broken up into subgenres, letting you focus on Asian horror, Euro-trash, smart vampire movies, lost classics, demonic possessions, cerebral thrillers, and any other kind of specific thrilling options you might desire. Movies from every era of horror are represented, with a wide range of international options included that other services simply can’t compete with.

Beware, Shudder is not a safe space. While the most extreme Shudder movies come with a content warning beforehand, it takes dealing with a topic like necrophilia to trigger it. This is a service that places frights above all else, so make sure you read the synopsis of each movie before you watch. It’s easy to find yourself in over your head, especially if you’re curious about German horror.

shudder cost Screengrab via Shudder

How much does Shudder cost?

The best part of Shudder, besides its incredible selection of titles, is its absurdly low cost. A subscription is just $4.99 per month or $47.88 per year if you pay for it all at once. Students are also eligible for a special 20 percent discount if they’re registered with Student Beans. Users can subscribe through Shudder’s website or via Shudder’s Amazon Prime channel. But not: A Prime subscription can’t be used to watch on the Shudder site or app, and vice versa. They count as separate subscriptions.

Shudder devices

Shudder offers a wide range of options when it comes to how you can watch. The service has apps for Apple, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox One, all of which can be accessed by subscribing on Shudder’s website or through its app. Shudder also offers subscriptions through Amazon Prime Video and the bundled streaming service VRV. These standalone subscriptions cost the same as a standard membership but limit how you can view your content. 

shudder devices : Dead Bed: The Bed That Eats People Screengrab via Shudder

Streaming via the Shudder app or a channel subscription both have their own issues. While the Shudder website is a fine resource for finding the content you want, the Shudder apps are often frustrating to use unless you’ve already built your queue on the website. Shudder’s app doesn’t offer a way to browse every title in its library; instead, it forces you to look through subcategories in the menus. While browsing for a movie to watch can be fun, sometimes you just want to look at a master list.


However, the Shudder app features exclusive streaming of Shudder TV channels, which let you watch never-ending streams of genre movies from different categories all day long. It’s a joy, especially if you like having a movie on as background noise while you work.

The channels have their own selling points, however. While we have not tested the VRV set up, on Amazon Prime’s Shudder channel, the experience is easier to use. Genres are more clearly defined, navigation is easier, and the menus load faster. Also, Amazon is often slower to delete movies from its listings than Shudder proper. You can’t find Bay of Blood right now on the Shudder app, for example, but you can find it on Shudder via Amazon. Amazon subscribers miss out on features like the live streaming channel options, but there’s something to be said for not having to learn another app.

amazon shudder Screengrab via Amazon

20 Shudder movies that will give you nightmares

With so many Shudder movies to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. No matter what your taste in horror, there’s something on Shudder that fits your needs. Here are the best movies on Shudder right now. (Note: For this article, we only include movies that can be found on every version of Shudder.)

1) Hell House LLC (2016)

Five years after an unexplained event kills 15 people during a Halloween haunted house, a group of documentarians set out of finally uncover what happened that night. Mixing footage from the haunted house with the documentary crew’s investigation, Hell House LLC manages to prove there’s still fresh blood to be found in the found-footage genre. Director Stephen Cognetti puts his name on the genre map with this haunting chiller.  

shudder movies : hellhouse llc Screengrab via Shudder

2) Lady Vengeance (2006)

After spending thirteen years in jail for a crime she didn’t commit, losing her child in the process, Geum-ja Lee is released with vengeance on her mind. The first entry in Chan-wook Park’s Vengeance trilogy that birthed Oldboy, Lady Vengeance is a harrowing film. Fans of revenge movies may think they know what secrets Lady Vengeance holds, but we promise you’ll never see the nightmarish ending coming.

shudder-movies-lady-vengence Photo via Shudder

3) Mandy (2018)

The sleeper hit of 2018 has finally hit streaming as a Shudder exclusive. Explaining what Mandy is about would ruin the psychedelic joy of experiencing the film for yourself. Just know it involves Nick Cage fighting a gang of demon-bikers and a hippy cult in a technicolor nightmare out of an Alice Cooper acid trip. If you’re going to get high before one horror movie this year, make it Mandy.

shudder-movies-mandy Photo via Shudder

4) Black Death (2010)

To people witnessing the plague in 14th-century England, the only possible explanation for many was the witches, or the devil, must be involved. Black Death tells the story of a group of knights and a priest sent to investigate a village where the plague has managed to avoid, fearing they might be protected by a witch. This gothic horror masterpiece is anchored by Sean Bean and Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne, two incredible actors who give weight to a premise that could quickly become a silly mess. Instead, they elevate Black Death into a grime tale of tested faith and violence.  

horror movies on shudder : black death Screengrab via Shudder

5) Timecrimes (2007)

Director Nacho Vigalondo recently made a splash in Hollywood with Colossal, a giant monster movie wrapped up in a tale of substance abuse starring Anne Hathaway. The film was a surprise for many viewers, but not those who had seen the director’s twisted debut, Timecrimes. In this tale of time travel gone wrong, a man stumbles upon a time machine and accidentally sends himself back in time one hour. As his trips compound one another, he finds himself stalked by a mysterious masked figure, wielding a pair of gruesome scissors. Is he losing his mind or is a deeper horror unfolding through the time stream? The answer is darker than this occasionally funny mystery initially lets on. 

best movies on shudder - timecrimes Shudder


6) Let the Right One In (2007)

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Let The Right One In hit theaters, but this coming-of-age tale of love and unspeakable evil hasn’t lost a beat since its debut. Oskar, a bullied boy in need of a friend, finds one in the form of Eli, a strange girl who isn’t allowed to play until after dark. While Twilight mined vampire lore for a Tiger Beat-ready love story, Let The Right One In explores a darker love—one where murder is a means to an end for survival, whether it’s extending the life of the undead or simply protecting a friendship. Somber, gorgeous, and subtle, Let The Right One In is  one of the finest vampire stories ever told.

best horror movies on shudder : let the right one in Screengrab via Shudder

7) Found Footage 3D (2D Version) (2017)

Sick of found footage? So are the makers of Found Footage 3D, a satirical (until it’s not) send-up of the genre and all of its problems. Unlike the outright horror onslaught of Hell House LLC, Found Footage 3D is a deeply funny movie about independent filmmaking and issues that have caused the found footage genre to grow stagnant over the years. By the time a third act twist arrives with actual frights in tow, the movie will already have won you over, and then it’ll leave you with a terrifying finale you won’t forget.

shudder horror movies : found footage 3d Screengrab via Shudder

8) Splinter (2008)

Following a carjacking, four people get trapped in a gas station, fighting for their lives against a crazed monster with a lust for blood and the ability to absorb the corpses of its kills. As a kidnapping movie, Splinter is creepy enough on its own, but when a parasitic monster joins the fun, things ramp up considerably. Shot largely in one location on a micro-budget, Splinter utilizes what little special effects it has to create a creeping sense of dread and the unknown. This smart and scary monster movie is worth every second of your time it takes.

shudder scary movies : splinter Screengrab via Shudder


9) Revenge (2018) 

Horror has always had a complicated relationship with the male gaze, particularly when it comes to the “rape revenge” genre. That’s why Coralie Fargeat’s staggering Revenge is such a breath of fresh air, even if it feels like a gasp while drowning. Jen goes on a secluded getaway with her married boyfriend, only to have the festivities crashed by his scumbag friends. When she’s assaulted, Jen tries to escape, only to end up injured and left for dead by her pursuers. Unfortunately for them, Jen lives, taking her revenge on each man as they hunt her down through the night. Vicious, without lingering on the sexual assault, Revenge puts a defiantly feminist twist on an otherwise unforgivable genre. 

shudder movies - revenge Shudder

10) I Saw the Devil (2011)

There are movies on this list that will scare the hell out of you, and there are movies on this list that very well might hurt your heart. I Saw The Devil is the latter, a mean little piece of work from Korea that features some cruel acts of violence. Beware: This is pure horror without a moment of relief. There’s nothing special about the premise, but the execution is unlike anything you’ve seen before. When a serial murder case becomes deadly personal, a police detective decides to start hunting the killer on his terms. If you fear man above monsters, you can’t pass this chiller up.  

shudder horror movies : I saw the devil Screengrab via Shudder



11) Downrange (2017)

The latest from Ryûhei Kitamura, director of Versus and No One Lives, is yet another masterpiece of splatter and tension. Six college students on a cross-country road trip experience a blowout in the middle of nowhere. Upon closer examination, it appears someone shot out their tire, a fear that’s quickly confirmed when the bullets keep coming. Utilizing a single location for the majority of a movie is a brave move, but Kitamura uses the space to create a desolate killing field. Smart, sharp, and chilling Downrange is a Shudder exclusive worth signing up for.

scary movies shudder : Downrange Screengrab via Shudder

12) The Beyond (1983)

This splatter classic from director Lucio Fulci was brutally censored when it was originally released, but thanks to helping from Quentin Tarantino, the uncut version is finally available. The plot is largely nonsensical, but the imagery is unforgettable, with gore set pieces that will have you howling or gagging depending on your tastes. During renovations on a house she just inherited, a woman accidentally opens a portal to hell, summoning ghosts, monstrous spiders, zombies, and other horrors from its depths. Time has helped soften the blow of the violence, but this is still a film where a zombie child gets its head blown in half. Don’t eat spaghetti while you’re watching.  

horror movies on shudder : The Beyond Screengrab via Shudder

13) The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs (2019)

Only ’90s kids will remember TNT’s late-night horror show Monster Vision with Joe Bob Briggs, but thanks to the magic of Shudder, everyone can experience it now. Featuring legendary genre film critic Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl, The Last Drive-In finds the duo breaking down classic genre features. Season 1 features 18 classic movies, each broken down to their drive-in totals, including kill counts and nudity. This is easily the most fun way to catch up on Shudder’s back-catalog, including titles like Street Trash, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2, and Wolfcop

shudder movies - last drive-in with joe bob briggs Shudder

14) Mayhem (2017)

Grinding your way up the corporate ladder can be soul-crushing, but at least it isn’t murder. That is unless you live in a world that’s discovered a highly infectious virus that makes people act out their wildest desires. When Derek Cho gets framed for someone else’s mistake at work, he decides to fight back. Unfortunately for him, and everyone at his office, an outbreak the virus is about to turn these cubicles into a killing field. This dark as night horror comedy stars Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead and is exclusive to Shudder. It’s also an absurdly fun, occasionally scary, blast of horror action. Shudder has even included a commentary track version of the film for your enjoyment.

shudder scary movies : Mayhem Screengrab via Shudder

15) The Sacrament (2014)

When I saw the Sacrament at a festival in 2013, the friend who sat next to me wept during the final 10 minutes of the film. This deeply disturbing faux-documentary follows a group of Vice reporters who are investigating a remote religious commune called Eden Parish. Inspired by the Jonestown tragedy, The Sacrament is a slow-burning tale of corrupted faith and the horrific consequences that follow in its wake. Mostly free from the gore that often drowns the third act of horror films, The Sacrament still manages to bare its teeth viciously. We highly recommend skipping the trailer as it has plenty of spoilers. Go in blind, and let The Sacrament dark gospel wash over you.

scary movies on shudder : The Sacrament Screengrab via Shudder



16) Wake Wood (2011)

What would you do to see a loved one who died for a few more days? Months after the death of their daughter two parents are faced with that terrifying question when their car breaks down in a small Irish village. Somber, beautifully paced, and grim, Wake Wood is a gothic tale of the beyond that will chill your bones.

shudder-movies-wake-wood Photo via Shudder

17) The Exorcist III (1990)

You’ll have to trust us, The Exorcist III is a masterpiece hiding in plain sight. Lieutenant William F. Kinderman from the first Exorcist is investigating a series of brutal murders. There’s just one catch, they match the MO of the long-dead Gemini Killer. His investigation takes him to the psych ward of a hospital where he meets a patient that claims to be the reincarnation of Rev Karras from the first film. Mixing a serial killer thriller with a possession narrative, The Exorcist III stands on its own in the horror pantheon, even if it’s a sequel.

shudder_movies_exorcist_iii Photo via Shudder

18) Big Bad Wolves (2013)

Quentin Tarantino called Big Bad Wolves the best movie of 2013, which serves as both praise and a warning, as the infamous director is well known for his love of violent horrors. Israel isn’t known for producing horror yet, but Big Bad Wolves marks the country’s first bonafide classic. Three fathers are searching for a killer who has been kidnapping little girls in their community and just nabbed their girls. When a police blunder causes the suspected killer to go free, they take matters into their own hands, but revenge is rarely simple.

horror movies on shudder : Big Bad Wolves Screengrab via Shudder

19) Inferno (1980)

Dario Argento’s surreal classic Inferno deals with witchcraft and the end of the world, but it’s mostly remembered for the terrifying atmosphere created by its stunning cinematography. Following the disappearance of his sister, a young student named Mark travels to New York only to discover a supernatural conspiracy involving three witches who seek to take over the world. As bodies pile up, the mystery deepens, and Mark must uncover the enemies in his midst while fighting supernatural powers beyond his imagination. Argento injects the film with a dreamy quality that makes its graphic violence more palatable, allowing its magic elements to shine through. You’ll have to forgive a few plot holes, but this classic of supernatural horror more than earns your understanding.

shudder movies : Inferno Screengrab via Shudder

20) White God (2014)

White God is not a conventional horror film. It reads like the plot of a fairy tale: A teenage girl is searching for the dog her dad threw out of the house, while the dog works to escape from the clutches of an evil dog catcher. The problem is White God takes place is a world where the dogs bite and people get seriously hurt because of it. The film is made all the more remarkable by the low-budget production and use of 250 real dogs for the stunts. Each animal performance has a surprising soul that’s hard to explain without watching it. If you want a chill that’s out of the ordinary, White God is a treat worth sitting for.

shudder movies - white god Shudder


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