Try topping this one, folks.

Dude Perfect has taken the trick-shot video to new heights—literally.

For  its 100th YouTube video, Dude Perfect—a group that goes around taking basketball shots in unlikely settings—hopped in a Goodyear Blimp and circled around a basketball hoop in the middle of a field.

One of the members, strapped in with a canvas safety harness, leans out an open hatch and throws the ball almost straight down.

Then, against all odds, he shoots. He scores.

As usual, the Dude Perfect crew has cut the drudgery of what was probably hours of missed shots. Instead, the clip’s not even a minute long. It just features the actual shot from a few angles and screaming, yelling, chest-bumping in celebration.

The shots of these players get so consistently more difficult, it’s hard to imagine how they’ll top this.

“Next one perfect shot will be from space,” offered commenter vsquar3d.

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